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Man seriously injured in Nevada bicycle-truck accident

The many scenic roadways around Lake Tahoe attract bicyclists from all over Nevada and around the country. However, sharing these roads with trucks, cars and recreational vehicles can be dangerous for cyclists. Such was the case on July 10 for a California man who was struck by a tractor-trailer.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, the collision took place on U.S. 50 in the Cave Rock tunnel just before 10:00 a.m. The NHP says that the truck struck the bicyclist as both were heading east through the tunnel.

2 injured in hit-and-run motorcycle accident in Nevada

Most drivers are aware that if you get into a motor vehicle accident, staying on the scene is necessary, especially if there are injuries. Hitting someone and then leaving the scene is never the right thing to do. One Nevada man apparently forgot that after he hit two motorcycle riders.

The two motorcycle riders were on Pyramid Way on Friday afternoon when the motorcycle accident happened. The driver of a 1998 Ford Super Cab pick-up truck that hit the bikers fled the scene. The Nevada Highway Patrol arrested the man to whom the truck was registered. He has been taken into custody and was being held on a $20,000 bail.

Government okays device to help those with spinal cord injuries

People in Nevada and throughout the country received some good news from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at the beginning of this month. The agency has given its approval for the first robotic exoskeleton. It’s called the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton System.

The ReWalk can help some people who have sustained spinal cord injuries that have caused paralysis of their lower body walk again. The exoskeleton is made by a company called ReWalk Robotics.

Trucking accident injures bicyclist in Nevada

In the previous blog post, an accident involving a car and bicycle was covered. It seems as though Nevada is going through a phase in which accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles are happening often. In a tragic accident that occurred on July 10, a man on a bicycle was hurt as he rode through the Cave Rock tunnel.

Charges against a semi-truck driver are pending in this horrible trucking accident. Both the bicyclist and the semi-truck driver were going through the tunnel heading eastbound. For reasons that aren't clear, the trucker was unable to see the 48-year-old man as he was riding his bicycle.

Nevada gives drivers option to dismiss tickets for cellphone use

Nevada law prohibits the use of handheld devices for talking or texting while driving. Fines for breaking the law range from $50 up to $250 and suspension the driver's license for six months.

Despite these penalties, over 9,000 drivers have been cited for using a cellphone while driving so far this year. Almost 6,000 of those citations have been in Las Vegas. Authorities say that talking and texting while driving still cause over 3,500 crashes annually in our state.

Car accident kills bicyclist on State Road 447 in Nevada

With the warm weather, people are out riding bicycles. This means that motorists need to be on the lookout for bicyclists to avoid accidents that can be serious or even fatal. A recent accident along State Highway 447 in Nevada is a prime example of why drivers need to keep a watchful eye on everything going on around them, especially when bicyclists might be in the area.

The accident happened at around 10:00 on the night of June 28, when a man in a car tried to pass a vehicle that was moving slower than his vehicle. While passing, the man ran into a bicycle. Tragically, the bicyclist suffered severe injuries. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Pastor charged with murder for fatal brain injury

A California church is asking for donations and letters vouching for the character of a youth pastor charged with murder. The charges stem from the death of a man with whom he allegedly had a physical altercation last June outside a pub in Las Vegas.

The 55-year-old victim died months later -- in December of last year. According to the autopsy report, blunt head trauma was a significant factor in his death, which occurred from hemorrhaging.

Pedestrian in critical condition after auto accident

With the large number of pedestrians that walk all around Clark County, there isn't any reason for drivers to go about their day unaware of what pedestrians are doing around them. In fact, it is vitally important that all drivers watch for pedestrians so they can help them to stay safe. One recent accident that occurred near the Desert Inn proves that all drivers have to be well aware of what everyone around them is doing.

This horrifying accident happened when a 51-year-old woman hit a pedestrian. Police speculate that the man might have been laying on the ground near the access to a parking lot when he was struck by the woman's Dodge Avenger. She apparently didn't realize what happened because the woman continued to drive while dragging the victim under her vehicle for over a mile.

2 injured in auto accident after Jeep turns into path of vehicle

Any driver who is going to attempt a turn has to make sure that doing so will be safe. There are some instances in which executing a turn isn't safe, such as when there is a vehicle coming toward the area where the turn will occur. A recent accident, which is being investigated by the Nevada Highway Patrol, shows what can happen when a driver tries to turn when it isn't safe to do so.

The driver of a Jeep Grand Cherokee was trying to turn onto Jacks Valley Road from Highway 395. As he was making that turn, he turned into the path of a moving Volkswagen station wagon. A Ford truck that was behind the station wagon slammed into the car accident between the Grand Cherokee and station wagon.

Semi-truck rolls over Jeep in Clark County, kills 2 men

It is no secret that accidents involving semi-trucks can be very serious. The size and weight of these trucks can often prove to be a deadly factor in an accident. For this reason, it is important for truckers to pay attention to the traffic around them to help keep everyone on the roadways safe. A recent accident along U.S. Highway 95 in Nevada shows the horrific end result of an accident involving a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle.

The accident occurred near the exit for Auto Show Drive near Henderson. A Jeep was being driven by a 45-year-old man. A semi-truck rolled over the Jeep. Although it isn't clear exactly how the accident happened, what is clear is that two men lost their lives in this horrible car-semi truck accident.

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