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Motorcycle accident cases need thorough investigation

There is a mistaken train of thought that leads some people to believe that motorcycle riders are always in the wrong when the biker is involved in an accident. That, however, isn't the case. Despite that common thinking, the motorcycle rider isn't accepting the risks of negligent drivers every time he or she gets on a motorcycle. Other drivers have the responsibility to watch out for motorcycles while they are driving.

For motorcycle riders, being injured in a car accident is often a very serious event. Motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer from a severe injury in the accident. Spinal cord injuries, road rash, crushing injuries, broken bones and other serious injuries are possible. Head injuries are also possible, even if the biker is wearing a helmet.

Helping Nevadans who suspect nursing home abuse

Many senior citizens settle in Nevada's retirement communities to enjoy the sun and year-round golfing and water activities. However, as some of these seniors get older, they have medical and/or psychological issues that their family members cannot handle alone. Moving a loved one to a nursing home in these situations is never easy, but it is often necessary.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are often costly, but we want to ensure that our elderly family members get the professional, compassionate care they need. Sadly, in some situations, the staff and administrators of nursing homes do not live up to the trust we have placed in them. Whether because of lack of money and staff, poor training, negligence or just plain cruelty, nursing home residents can be subjected to poor care and abuse that can lead to illness, injury and even death.

Tips for safely sharing the roads with Nevada snow plows

Many of us in Nevada take advantage of our proximity to some of the most beautiful ski resorts in the country. However, getting to those resorts or any destination in the mountains can be challenging once the snow starts to fall.

The Nevada Department of Transportation uses sophisticated methods for predicting and monitoring road conditions and for keeping state roads as free of ice and snow as possible. This requires snow plows, with which drivers need to share the roads during the winter.

What should I know about spinal cord injuries after an accident?

When you hurt your back in a car accident, you might wonder if your spinal cord has been injured. In order to get an accurate answer to that question, you will have to undergo a medical evaluation. Our readers in Nevada might want to know more about spinal cord injuries in case the time comes when they need to draw upon their knowledge. Getting answers to some basic questions is a good place to start.

What are signs of a spinal cord injury that are considered an emergency?

Nevada trucking company to pay $4.55 million for fatal crash

A federal jury has ordered a Nevada trucking company based in Battle Mountain to pay over $4.55 million in damages to National Railroad Passenger Corporation, more widely known as Amtrak, for a fiery crash that killed six. The June 2011 collision occurred at a railroad crossing approximately 70 miles from Reno on U.S. 95. The truck, which was owned by John Davis Trucking, skidded some 320 feet and then crashed through safety rails and into the California Zephyr, a passenger train operated by Amtrak.

The collision killed the truck driver and five people on the train. Several other Amtrak passengers were injured.

Drunk driving accident costs man his leg

When it comes to car accidents in Nevada and elsewhere, some are unavoidable. However, accidents that occur as a result of impaired or drunk driving could likely have been prevented by the drunk driver simply not getting behind the wheel of the vehicle. For those who have been injured in a drunk driving accident, dealing with the after effects of the accident can often be time consuming, life altering and costly.

A recent accident that occurred on U.S. 95 in Clark County involving two separate vehicles is a prime example of why people shouldn't ever drink and drive. Two drivers were allegedly impaired when the driver of the first vehicle slammed into a wall. A man who was a passenger in that vehicle exited the car. As he was doing so, he was struck by a female driver of another vehicle.

What is the cost of spinal cord treatment injury?

Being involved in a car accident is traumatic for anyone. When one of the injuries from the accident is a spinal cord injury, the trauma becomes all too real. What some people don't realize is that treating a spinal cord injury is something that comes with considerable costs.

What are the average costs of spinal cord injuries?

Clark County leads state in serious intersection crashes

The most current data from the Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan on crashes at intersections shows, perhaps not surprisingly, that Clark County had far more intersection-related serious injuries and fatalities than anywhere else in the state. Over three-fourths (79 percent) of serious and fatal injuries resulting from collisions at intersections during those years included in the data occurred in Clark County.

The facts about intersection-related crashes come from the Nevada Department of Transportation and cover 2008 through 2012. Throughout the state, there were over 3,000 serious injuries and 371 deaths in this type of auto accident.

More parental driver education may reduce Nevada teen accidents

Parents of Nevada teens often turn over their cars and keys to their young drivers with a fair amount of fear, and rightly so. The Nevada Department of Public Safety reports that in 2012, Clark County drivers between 16 and 20 years-old were involved in over 7,000 accidents. In over 4,000, the driver was at fault.

A mother who faced the worst-case scenario is working to make teen drivers safer. Her 15-year-old daughter was killed while riding with a 16-year-old driver and several other teens. The driver, who was speeding, lost control of his truck, struck a wall and flipped over.

Brain injuries are complex and life-altering

Having a day during which you forget almost everything likely seems like a nightmare, but for some people with traumatic brain injuries, that nightmare is a reality. For people who suffered from these serious brain injuries, short-term memory, long-term memory and basic life skills might be affected. All of these can have a negative impact on the victim's life.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a serious brain injury in a car accident, on-the-job accident or any other type of accident, you might know all too well the profound way life is altered after the accident. One of the most important things to do after you suffer from a head injury is to seek medical treatment. This medical treatment, however, doesn't come without making a financial impact.

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